I was so excited when my last Voodoo Vixen package arrived! They have some exciting styles coming this summer,
but I really wanted to get my hands on something from their exciting Chicago Chic collab – tartan, bit of faux fur and green… it was made for me! I also dropped the Sarah Teal western skirt into the mix too ’cause, if you’re me, you can’t have enough western style wear!!
Firstly, I want to talk about the quality. I have a few Voodoo Vixen pieces and I have always been impressed with the quality. With so many repro companies out there providing various levels of quality โ€“ some are much better than others!! It’s nice to find somewhere that provides style and affordable quality. I get so disappointed when I order something and when it arrives, I find I’ve paid over the odds for the quality. I find it ironic that some companies who reproduce vintage miss one of the things about these eras that make them more appealing – items were made to last! Anyway, I digress…

The Sarah Teal skirt is lovely – simply put, its cute, well made and has that lovely western fringe style detail on the pockets. I did have some confusion over the size; according to the website, I should have been a M, but when that arrived, it was waaaay too big
for my waist (and that was before I put my corset on!). So I swapped for the S and am much happier! I am normally an S anyway in most places, so should have just stuck to what I know! Anyway, the upside is that I found out that Voodoo Vixen have great customer service and are super quick!

So, the Chicago Chic dress… โค Now this collab range includes a pencil dress (of which I am now a proud owner), a pencil skirt, a circle skirt dress and some wide leg trousers. I went for the pencil dress – although this was not an easy decision, all the items are lovely and I could imagine styling them so easily! The pencil dress swayed me because I imagined styling it ‘up’ for an evening, but also ‘down’ for daytime with different accessories. Plus, of course, I knew it would look awesome over a corset!

I first wore it out for dinner with the Hubby and we grabbed some photos – must get him some more practice at this! ๐Ÿ˜‰ It fits like a dream… tight in the right places and flattering too. The beautifully soft (downside…. I couldn’t stop stroking it!) faux fur collar is detachable and when I say detachable, I don’t mean ‘you’ll end up having to detach it as the buttons that fasten it will all fall off’ (!), I mean, sturdy buttons and elastic to secure them – perfect.

(and check out my adorable Lola Ramona bag! ๐Ÿ˜) 

I would say that the dress is quite long – now, that’s ok for me; itโ€™s better than being short, I am tall anyway and I think itโ€™s more vintage, but if you’re not so tall, you may want to look at taking this up – its worth it for this dress and is not a difficult or expensive job!

The material is lovely and soft; I’m thinking that it will wash and wear well! The cute button detail on the front really adds to the design and makes it a bit different. Unfortunately, the shots
from the pretty pub we went to didn’t come out so well thanks to the lighting, so for colour, definitely refer to the kitchen pictures! Now you know why this is the place I choose for my #OOTD shots!

So, I can’t wait to take this dress out for another spin! As always, check out my Instagram (www.instagram.com/hettiesky) for more pictures!

Tempted yourself? Head over to Voodoo Vixen and grab something for yourself with 20% off using code HETTIE20 (Including sale! ๐Ÿ‘Œ) -well, I had to get you guys something too!๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy! And don’t forget to share your goodies!!

Love, Hettie x