So today I have spent the day with a group of very lovely ladies who I would not have met without social media – I think you can see the angle I might take here…

‘Social Media’ tends to get a bad press these days, especially from people who don’t use it or can’t see the positive outcomes it can have…

Granted, I am most likely preaching to the coverted here (PS thanks for being here!), but I feel quite strongly about this
and wanted to get this out there!

I think, like most things in life – you get out what you put in with SM –Β  but with a bit of effort, confidence and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, SM can open so many possibilities! I have made some really special friends though contacts and links viaΒ SM; some Facebook, but mostly Instagram, where I spend most of my online time.

Today for example, I have spent the day at @RevivalRetro in London (if you’re near London you simply MOST check out their boutique!) and all but two of the girls there I would not have met or known of without Instagram (the two I know, I met through previous photoshoots, but we keep in contact via SM πŸ˜‰)… on top of that, I wouldn’t have even been at this beautiful boutique in London if it wasn’t for SM starting a fortuitous conversation one chilly December day in Winchester!

On the face of it, SM keeps your head down and seperates you from the immediate world around you – and I’m not going to deny that this happens – but it can lead to relationships that would not have begun without it! I have started quite a few conversations with…
‘I follow you on Insta and thought I’d say hi’ or ‘I love your posts, I had to say hello!’ – it takes confidence, but what a great ice breaker and usually leads to a lovely, traditional old conversation!

Now, lets not forget to be balanced about this – I could certainly spend less time staring at my phone screen, but there is a balance to be found… some days I don’t find that balance, some days I do. I do sometimes spend time on my phone when I could be watching the world
go by or talking to strangers (but don’t get me wrong, I do that too!), but what I get out of SM, I feel, balances that all out. Although I should highlight that you should never underestimate the power of the relationships around you, your parents, partner etc., try and avoid alienating them in this process too πŸ˜‰

And then there is the weird side of SM when people come across friendly enough on Facebook or Insta and then you meet them in person and, for whatever reason; whether you’re not ‘important‘ enough in their eyes, or they are just not that social, its like nailing
jelly to a tree – and you walk away, quickly! This does tend to be the minority though, but it does knock your confidence.

But on the whole, people are pretty interesting and making new friends this way is great – in most cases, you automatically have something in common! I have even made some pretty special friendships across the globe… I love learning new things about different
cultures and countries. Earlier this year I recieved a wedding invite from a beautiful lady in the USA! Of course I couldn’t go, but nevertheless, to be included in a small way on their special day and to have such a special keepsake is priceless. How else would that have happened if it wasn’t for social media?! πŸ˜…

So, to sum up… don’t let people put you off making an effort and making friends via social media and don’t listen if people try and tell you that you are not social because you’re on your phone. They don’t understand the potential and they haven’t tried to. And make those new friends, say ‘hi’ when you see someone you recognise and organise those get togethers when you can! Live in the ‘now’, but also celebrate the ability that SM gives you to meet likeminded people and inspire!

Enjoy it Guys & Dolls! xx

Disclaimer… do be careful about meeting said ‘strangers’ and always let people know where you are πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ if you’re not sure, organise a group meet up! They’re super fun and you get to make lots of friends!! ❀