Let’s talk vintage jeans! You may have noticed that I don’t wear jeans that often, the vintage look cries out for swing skirts, petticoats and dresses, but sometimes you just want to wear jeans, right? And who can beat a cute 50’s motif tee and a pair of cute turnup jeans!?
So, to create this look, I have found no better than Lady K Loves – and in particular, ’cause they are how I like my jeans – their Hug Me Baby jeans…

I found it hard to find affordable, comfortable, high-waisted jeans to fit the vintage bill. Ok, so high-street stores do high-waisted jeans, but they don’t really ‘get it’ and didn’t add any particular style to a vintage look and however much I love Collectif, the quality and fit of their  jeans just did not live up to what I needed. I had seen Lady K Loves jeans around on the social media – you know, that cute wiggle motif on the back pockets – and so I thought I’d give them a go… by gum I wasn’t disappointed! I was already on the hunt for my next pair!

The jeans are well made and high quality, I’ve been through a fair share of jeans in my time and they are some of the most sturdy! They have a great high waist and hug curves like they should be hugged! I guess that’s why they’re called ‘Hug Me Baby’! I am tall, but they do different lengths and so they’re easily turned up for a super cute retro look…

It’s the details on these jeans though that makes me fall in love with them; you could have slim high-waisted jeans from a high-street store, but I’m almost sure they wouldn’t be the ‘right’ high-waisted (wouldn’t sit as high as you need for the vintage look) and they certainly wouldn’t have the sweetheart motif embroidered on the bum pockets – these little things make LKL jeans special and I believe this has cemented these jeans in amongst the vintage scene.

Now, why is this relevant right now (not that I need an excuse to rave about the clothes I love!)? You may have noticed that a lot of Lady K styles have been out of stock or hard to get hold of, well – they’re working to fix this and to make these jeans available again (and their other styles – which include not so skinny jeans too!), but there is a catch… they need your help! Lady K Loves are running a kickstarter campaign to get these styles produced in the number they need, but that means that, without our backing, we may stop seeing that cute bum motif around on the vintage scene! *shock horror*

Click here for the campaign!

There are some great rewards lined up if you pledge… from goodie bags to t-shirts to a full on jeans and gift voucher package! But each option is limited so you’ll need to head over there now to get the one you want!

Other styles include: Classic – tight leg, but looser on the ankles and good for a curvy figure and the Le Wild- straight or wide leg, great with boots, fits a more straight up, straight down kinda figure. 

If you’ve not tried Lady K Jeans before, don’t be afraid to contact Lady K herself and get some expert advice on which fit and style is for you!