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February 2017

Anti-Social Media?

So today I have spent the day with a group of very lovely ladies who I would not have met without social media - I think you can see the angle I might take here... 'Social Media' tends to get... Continue Reading →

Quick Look @ LondonEdge!

Hi Guys & Dolls! So yesterday, the Hubby and I ventured over to London to check out LondonEdge; 'THE go-to international trade show for 100's of new generation youth culture, fashion, footwear and lifestyle brands'. I had my list of... Continue Reading →

Vintage Jeans… Love Your Bum! 

Let's talk vintage jeans! You may have noticed that I don't wear jeans that often, the vintage look cries out for swing skirts, petticoats and dresses, but sometimes you just want to wear jeans, right? And who can beat a... Continue Reading →

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