Let’s talk about the winter pin up staple that is… the Pearl Coat from Collectif! This stunning show stopper of a coat has really made its mark in the pin up world this A/W season and has been flying off the shelves where ever it’s stocked! 

I am lucky enough to own this coat in the lovely forest green, but they also do a light camel colour, a navy blue and new for this Winter season, a lovely wine burgundy and a black ‘textured’ version.

The style is very glamorous late 40’s, early 50’s and definitely makes a statement! I get many lovely comments from the public when I wear it out, often being asked if it’s original vintage… This coat is just dying to be worn with a big petticoat underneath as it’s super flattering! Check out the pleats on the back to enhance a vintage figure or create the illusion of one if you, like me, have a much more modern figure.

Now, this coat retails for around the £200 mark and I have been asked whether it is value for money; my thoughts on this are that yes it is, IF you wear vintage all of the time. If not, you just won’t get the wear from it to justify the cost. I live and breath Pin Up vintage and so have been wearing it most of the winter! But it’s too costly if you only venture out in vintage style a couple of times during the colder months.

Pearl is made well, lovely satin lining, faux fur trims and colour matching buttons – although watch these as they are notoriously loose! It’s pretty heavy! Which is good for warmth and shape, but not for travelling or storage!

I do however worry about getting mine wet and avoid going out in it if I think it’s going to rain as I’m worried about developing a musty wet dog aroma!

I have also heard, although not experienced, that the new Burgundy colour has an issue with the dye running and rubbing off on other items of clothing… so watch out if this one is your favorite!

Oh you may also want to avoid the Pearl if you don’t like too much attention as this coat brings it in heaps! Step out in this coat, a vintage hairstyle and some heels and you won’t get far without comments! All positive so far I’m pleased to report!!

I shouldn’t finish this article without mentioning that the beautiful Pearl Coat is not exclusive in being a glamorous pin up coat… the Elvira coat from Hell Bunny is also a show stopper and features a satin lined, faux fur edged hood! I haven’t yet got my hands on one, but I’m working on that…!

Photography by Becki Wensley