So gals, I couldn’t not do this blog post bearing in mind the amount of questions I have since sharing my waist shots! I love it when you guys get in touch and ask me stuff… makes me feel useful!

So, a smaller waist is obviously a desirable thing for some and I understand why what appears to be an easy fix gets attention, but is anything ever that simple?!

So the big ‘secret’ is foundation wear and in my case – corsets. Now for a disclaimer – this article is my experience, my opinion and my body. We are all different and you will have different experiences and outcomes, but I wanted to share what I know anyway in the hope that it will help a few!

Lets start with the basics, naturally I don’t have a vintage figure (a vintage figure is considered to be one where your waist measurement is 10″or MORE smaller than your hip measurement). I have a very average, modern figure. My natural measurments are around a 28″ waist and 34″ hips… hardly any difference! So I knew I needed to create this vintage figure myself. Now, for someone like me to gain a dramatic difference and create that ‘Dita’ waist is tough, but I’m stubborn!

If you have a figure like me and want a much smaller waist, you’re going to need to invest! Firstly, you need a corset that is well made, not cheap and fits you well (look to spend at least £50 and read the reviews before you buy). You will also need to invest time and effort. I have been wearing corsets on and off for quite a few years, but only recently started wearing them much more regularly as I found the perfect fit!

If you have a vintage figure, then this whole process will be easier (and more comfortable!), but I suggest you still consider the following process…

When you find your ideal corset, and this may take a bit of trial and error, you will need to spend some time breaking it in, or getting it used to your body. Start wearing it loosely, like a hug kinda feel. Wear it for fairly short periods of time to get you used to it and take it off if it starts to feel uncomfortable – don’t twist or hurt your back! As your corset gets used to you and you get used to it, you can start wearing it for longer and tighten it up. You will find that the back panels will get closer together as its fits to your body (such a satisfying thing!). You will also find that you get used to how to sit and how long you are comfortable wearing it for.

The main message is don’t go too tight, for too long, too soon. You will be uncomfortable and it will more than likely make you think its not for you!

I won’t waffle too much in this article – please let me know if there is anything about this process that you want to know more about – so for now I’ll finish off with the corsets I use…

My favourite and ‘everyday’ corset is the CS-201 from Orchard Corsets…

It’s underbust  (I can’t do over bust… boobs aren’t big enough and I need a bra!) And the shape at the bottom helps avoid that ‘bulge’ that can happen. Once broken in, it fits beautifully around the hips.

I also have the CS-305 from Orchard Corsets, this is a nice beginner’s corset and is very comfortable, but doesn’t give that extreme waist effect.

Will work on another post with some more advice soon…

Happy to help if you have any questions ❤ Hettie xx