As promised… let’s talk all things wedding dresses! I had such fun picking, choosing and trying on dresses for the big day – it’s a massive part of the wedding process and you gotta get it right! No pressure then…

Initially, we (I say ‘we’, because this is not something I did on my own, as I couldn’t ask future Hubby for his thoughts, so employed the help of my nearest and dearest… Mum and Sis! Anyway…) we started by visiting local bridal shops to try things on. Some you can just pop by and some you will need to make appointments at. I did not have an image in my head of what I wanted, but I did speak to my fiance to get his views and ideas on what he imagined for my wedding dress and anything he had seen that he liked. Nothing too obvious (I didn’t particularly want to set in stone what he thought I was going to wear), just a few subtle questions while at wedding fairs, or the odd ‘what do you think of this’.

It was while trying on different shapes and styles of dresses that I really figured out what I wanted. I thought I might want the whole 50’s, big petticoat thing, but when I tried one one… it just didn’t feel ‘wedding’ enough. Don’t get me wrong, I was twirling around the shop, but I didn’t feel like it was ‘serious’ enough to take my vows in… And it was the same price as the big princess ones!! So I started to narrow it down!

The more I tried on, the more I worked out which shapes suited or didn’t suit me. With the help of my Mum and my Sister, we found that the trumpet, or fishtail style suited my shape best. Not something I would have predicted!!

I found my dream dress in Brides of Winchester… I didn’t have the whole ‘tears and take your breath away’ kind of thing, but I did feel bloody good! It fitted almost perfectly and was vintage yet modern enough to satisfy. And, of course, it got the ‘gasp of approval’ from the gang! Only one problem – it was well over budget!! So, I sighed and left to find dress no. 2.


Long story short: dress number 2 just wasn’t the same. As luck would have it, Brides of Winchester had a sample sale. I had heard of these things, but kinda wanted a ‘new’ dress. Anyway, I went along and the dress, THE dress, was on sale… half price! After a few words from my Sister (namely – ‘if you don’t buy it, I’ll never speak to you again!’) I owned my wedding dress!


However, the story doesn’t end there… I had fallen in love with the 50’s dress idea and the dress I had just purchased, although stunning and very reasonably priced (!) was not suitable for dancing and Hubby and I love to share a swing dance or two! So I knew where I was headed… Vivien of Holloway! I knew of her halter neck circle dresses and that she did them in a couple of white ‘wedding’ options. The dress I chose had a lovely, lace like, overlay. The VoH halter neck circle dresses are normally between £99 and £120, and this one happened to be £120… BUT, once again Lady Luck was on my side and I bagged this beauty for half price! (Honestly, I am not normally THIS lucky!!)


So now I had my two dresses and was ready to go… almost! A few adjustments were needed. As I said in my last wedding article, it needs to be personal, it needs to be ‘yours’. I had cups added to each of the dresses (an essential if you have strapless, or like mine, a ‘difficult to wear bras with’ dress) – that cost around £20/30. I had a sweetheart neckline added to my ‘ceremony’ dress; this made it more unique and I prefer this look. It was also shortened a little – this is common for most wedding dresses; I guess its easier to take some off than add some!

The Vivien needed a bit more… as I wanted to wear a big, red petticoat underneath – it needed another layer added to the underskirt (it was pretty see-through), I also had some more boning added to the bodice to add structure and give me confidence without shapewear. Oh and I had the halter neck adjusted – they tend not to fit perfectly as they come so I expected these to need some work.


Anyway! We got there in the end and I had my two PERFECT dresses! On the day, they lived up to expectations… my new Husband loved the ceremony dress (it brought on the tears!) and I could swing the night away in my circle dress.

Oh and… of course I had a pair of shoes for each dress. What do you take me for?! 😉

If you’re searching for your perfect dress, I am so excited for you! Good luck and go with what feels right for you… and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!!