I’ve wanted to write a post about our wedding for so long, but didn’t really know where to start!


My husband and I married over three months ago now at a beautiful venue just outside of Chichester in West Sussex. We had a year and 4 months to plan our big day and I’d say that was a pretty good amount of time… and it’s such aΒ clichΓ© but it does go quickly! If you’re currently in the midst of planning your wedding, one of my most important bits of advice would be – ENJOY IT! Make the most of the planning stage, it will genuinely soon be over and you will miss bits of it – if not all of it. It can be stressful, but nothing beats that excited anticipation of the big day and of marrying your best friend. I have a super busy life so I must admit, I don’t miss all the planning and DIYing, but I do miss the dreamy state of not knowing what it would be like on the big day or of sharing and building on all the fabulous ideas with the man of my dreams!

You’ll have heard the advice about it being ‘your day’ and to do your thing, but it’s very true… although there is a bit of balance to achieve. Definitely go for what you want for your day; it needs to be personal to you and reflect your style, but you also want your guests to be happy. Ensure that there is enough to make them feel included and comfortable.


We went for a loose vintage theme… all our family and friends know we love the vintage scene so this wasn’t a surprise to them, but we didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable so didn’t opt for a strict dress code or anything too ‘obvious’; the dress code was Hollywood glamour and we mixed our love of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s!

My talented Hubby To Be designed a logo and brand for us. This was fantastic and if you have the skills, or know someone that does, I would recommend this; it gives you something to make everything personal and brings all the different elements together. We used our ‘logo’ on our invites, tables, napkins, wine bottles, signs and even the uniform of the waiting staff!

As I sit here listening to the Rolling Stones… I have to talk about our entertainment! Now this was super important to us, great music, dancing and fun can really define an event. For the wedding breakfast after the ceremony we had a roaming singer to sing classic crooner tracks while our guests dined on their three course meal. The same singer, a multi talented chap, also did a 50s rock n roll set to kick off the entertainment later in the evening. However, the highlight for me was our Rolling Stones tribute band, The Phoney Stones… but I’m biased as my Dad is the lead singer – Mick Stagger!! The band went down a storm and we all got up for a good boogie! It’s a bit out of our normal vintage era, but how could I resist! Sis and I even got up and did the backing vocals for Sympathy for the Devil. Ah such memories! Go with entertainment you will love and don’t be afraid to step away from the DJ and opt for something live and make some memories! We didn’t even have a DJ… just me and my Spotify play list! This saved us a good couple of hundred pounds, but did bring its own stresses!

There are so many elements to a wedding and way too much to cover in one article without sending you all to sleep! So I will leave it there for now, but will work on a separate blog about my wedding dresses (yes, dresses!) and would love to take any requests for bits that you’d like to know more about, or just answer a few questions if you’re thinking about planning a similar vintage inspired wedding!

Thanks again for reading guys! Much love, Hettie

Photos by www.neilwalkerphotography.co.uk

Hair & Makeup – Kitty Boo (Plus some makeup from Liberty Belle!)

Venue – Farbridge Barn

Wedding Dresses – see next article (released shortly)

Bridesmaid Dresses – Lindy Bop