I’m honoured to say I made the cover of In Retrospect for issue no. 8! So here’s a bit more about it all…

I was lucky enough to be involved with the last issue (no.7, which can be found here http://inretrospectmagazine.com/issue/summer2016/) of In Retrospect Magazine for their Shanghai Sunrise shoot. We went to Brighton for the day – me and the Hubby! – and got to shoot this awesome feature on a floating Chinese restaurant in the Marina! Unfortunately the restaurant has since closed down… nothing to do with the shoot I assure you (!). Anyway, that’s how I got ‘on board’ with the magazine and when I saw that Mat, who runs the magazine, wanted to do a tartan/Highland fling feature, I literally jumped at the chance!! Anyone who knows me, knows my love for all things tartan!!



So the shoot was arranged at a beautiful stately home and grounds in Kent a few months back and we all met there, ready and willing, early in the morning! The weather was beautiful and the venue was perfect… plus I got to meet and work with some awesome ladies and gents!!

We were pushed for time and resources so I did my own hair and makeup that morning. I must admit, I definitely feel safer doing my own makeup and often prefer it! I guess I just know what I like. Although I won’t say it’s not nice to be pampered every once in a while…!


When you’re on a job like this, its the people that make it and these guys certainly made it! Cue #antlerselfie…

I must say, one thing about the vintage scene is that you get to work with some awesome, like minded people – I always come away feeling better and more positive and I’ve made some splendid friends this way!

Anyway… in between finding very questionable books in the Library (!? see below…) that doubled as our dressing room, we managed to get some great shots in!


It’s definitely one of my favourite themes for a shoot so far and the choice of clothes were lovely! I totally fell in love with this Miss Candyfloss dress! Having not owned one of her pieces before I was pleasantly surprised; I love the matching and contrasting cuffs and details. It was also nice that her dresses have a kind of ‘theme’ to them all and they worked so well together in the shots…

Here is a cute one of me with Miss Lillian Love and Binty Mustard ❤



One thing is for sure… you won’t be short of tartan inspiration this autumn/winter and the look is strong! For guys and dolls!

Above shows my dress; a Miss Candyfloss number, Holly is wearing Lindy Bop and Dupenny is in Vivien of Holloway.

There is loads of choice out there… I have seen some great tartan dresses by British Retro and of course Vivien of Holloway will have her classic tartan swing skirts in again this autumn – but be quick; some of the colour ways sold out pretty quick last year!



Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel about ready for autumn fashion again now! Bring on the chilly nights and crisp mornings…



For more info of to get your hands on the magazine, visit http://inretrospectmagazine.com/